Late 1952 Martin D-18


This consignment late 1952 Martin D-18 (127101) returns to inventory after 6-7 years. It is a very colorful and responsive instrument. The neck feels so light that I had to check and make sure that it does have a steel T-bar reinforcement. Played regularly while it was gone, this guitar rewards with a musical and complex voice. David Eichelbaum made the new bridge and performed a neck reset and refret about 7-8 years ago. There are 3 glued cracks in the bass-side waist area and 1 glued crack in the widest part of the treble-side lower bout. There is plenty of observed pick wear on the treble side of the strings from the neck joint to just beyond the bridge. Other bass-side pick wear near the sound hole area. There never has been a strap button in the neck. The guitar plays wonderfully well and it is a treat after having gotten it back after some years away. With Guardian hardshell case.