Early 1945 Martin OOO-28



This wonderful sounding player grade early 1945 Martin OOO-28 (90734) comes from one of my favorite periods for Martin building. The early 1945 Martin guitars feature significantly tapered top brace voicing for the X and the angled tone bars. Martin only made 147 OOO-28s in 1945. This guitar features a steel T-bar neck reinforcement, which is my favored material for this function. The Sitka Spruce top features bold narrow grain at the center, getting a little wider at the edges. The Brazilian rosewood back and sides beautiful grain that includes some “landscape figure”. There are a number of repair procedures to describe, so I will arrange them by section.

FINISH- The entire guitar has been oversprayed, with significant areas of the back receiving a complete refinish.

TOP- There are two glued pick guard shrinkage cracks, in the High E string area and near the waist. There is a glued center seam crack extending upward from the tail block to an inch or so from the rear edge of the bridge. There is a glued crack extending from the B string area of the bridge to the tail block. There are 3 very short glued compression cracks at the widest area of the treble side lower bout. There are many assorted nocks and dings over the surface of the top. The interior bracing appears entirely intact and unmolested. The pickguard is a little warped, but could be flattened and reattached by a professional vintage Martin luthier.

BACK and SIDES- The sides have no cracks or repairs, just nicks and dings from play and handling. The back appears to be entirely refinished, with 3 hairline crack repairs near the wider parts of the lower bout. There are nicks and dings under the refinish and a little disruption of the center zipper backstrip in the waist area.

NECK- The back surface of the neck has many nicks and dings under the overspray. The tuners are original and in good condition. The headstock decal is entirely intact. The nut appears to be original, with a bone shim for the very recent refret. The fingerboard has been planed as part of the refret. The fingerboard dot at the 17th fret is likely a replacement.

BRIDGE- The bridge is a well made ebony replacement with replacement bridge pins and endpin.

This guitar plays beautifully and sounds wonderful. The larger profile neck is very comfortable. The recent neck reset and refret by Alan Perlman has brought the playability back to that of a new guitar. This is a very satisfying instrument to play and the price tag is very easy to justify, due to the number of repairs. With a recent Martin TKL OOO case.