Early 1935 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe




This converted 1935 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe (Batch # 64A) comes from the first notated batch of 1935. The original features of 3 3/4″ size sound hole diameter and small pattern sunburst are clear indications of having been made in the first part of 1935. This batch (64A) is consistently one of my favorite from 1935. This specific instrument is one of the best sounding (to my ear) of the many converted 1935 Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe guitars that have passed through the shop in that last 15 years or so. As with nearly all of the Smeck conversions that appear in inventory, Alan Perlman is the very talented and experienced that performed all of the conversion procedures. On this guitar, those procedures include: Neck reset, installation of frets to replace the plastic fret markers, Narrow the nut width (to 1 3/4″ on this guitar), Finish the neck parts and small areas surrounding the fingerboard extension on the top, and the installation of a new set of G-98 style Waverly tuners. The only real repair that Alan performed was gluing and cleating a dryness top crack that runs from the back edge of the bridge at the D string, all of the way down to the tail. The bridge pins and endpin, the pickguard, and the bone nut are all original to this guitar. It has a very responsive voice and is a true joy to play. ┬áThe original chipboard case is long gone, so I supplied a hardshell Gibson case to the consigning owner.