2002 Bourgeois-Swan OM


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This stunningly clean 2002 Bourgeois-Swan OM (sn 002384) example represents one of only about 11 special custom Bourgeois OM guitars that I ordered and supplied woods for in the early 2000s time period. In the 1990s I had enjoyed having come through inventory several of the OMs that Dana Bourgeois had built for Eric Schoenberg. I asked Dana to duplicate the lighter top thickness, top brace dimensions, and general build that he used back then. I supplied the top grade European spruce tops, Brazilian rosewood back and side sets, and colorful Brazilian rosewood headstock overlay material. This specific guitar remains in nearly unplayed condition. The top has taken on a nice amber color in the last 18 years and the Brazilian rosewood shows a lot of the reddish color that it had as a brand new instrument. The feel is very satisfying and the tone is very colorful through all ranges. I am very pleased to have this guitar in the inventory again, more than 18 years since it was first built! With TKL hard case.