1954 Martin D-18

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This clean 1954 Martin D-18 (139453) has an exceptionally powerful voice, reminding me of some of the big sounding tapered voiced D-18s from the 1946-47 time period. This instrument has had a busy playing life in a recording studio, so it is almost completely free of the normal signs of play that it would have as a gigging guitar. ┬áThe Sitka spruce top is of exceptionally high quality, with a fine even grain throughout. ┬áThe one repaired top crack is the typical B string pick guard cracks. There is a lacquer filled small gouge in the E side upper bout corner area. The bass-side side has one small glued hairline crack near the tail block. The treble-side side has two small, short glued cracks in the upper bout corner area. Some lacquer fills have been applied in this area of abrasion. The back has a 4″ glued crack on the bass side toward the tail. There has been lacquer fill in that repaired crack area and some buffing. The neck is free of injuries or repairs. There is a little lacquer lifting on the headstock face, likely from a hot, humid environment, such as the American South. The tuners are especially clean and bright, turning cleanly. Alan Perlman performed a neck reset. The entire pin set is a rosewood replacement with abalone dots. There is no strap button in the neck heel. This guitar has a large and responsive voice. It is a very versatile instrument that would perform well in a variety of settings, as it did in the recording studio for so many years. This is a very special postwar D-18. With hardshell case.

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