1950 Martin D-18 114189


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This great consignment early 1950 Martin D-18 (114189) comes back to us solid condition and a lot of active play that has kept the voice powerful and lively in a way that I would expect an early 1947 D-18 to sound. The stiff Sitka spruce has some bear claw figure and bold grain lines. Made early enough in the year to get the Kluson octagon plate tuners, which remain in fine condition. Characteristic of a great number of 1950 Martin guitars, the “C.F. Martin” decal is positioned higher than usual on the headstock face. Replacement Brazilian bridge and black pin set. OLDER REPAIRS: Glued B string crack, Glued bridge-to-tail crack in the B string area, Glued 2″ side crack on bass-side waist. MORE RECENT REPAIRS by Alan Perlman: Replacement Brazilian rosewood bridge with long saddle, Neck reset and refret, Plugging Frank Ford style strap button hole in bass side of neck block, Installation of strap button in the more conventional position on treble side of neck heel. This guitar has an exceptionally strong bluegrass voice and is tonally complete in all ranges. A superb flat picking guitar. With hard case.