1949 Martin D-28

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This consignment 1949 Martin D-28 returns to the shop after many years. This guitar has a very bold, complex voice that works exceptionally well as a rhythm instrument in a group or for flatpicking melodies. Tight even grained Sitka spruce top, Brick-red Brazilian rosewood back and sides, Original Kluson Deluxe tuners (Gotoh Kluson replicas in case pocket), Shimmed original ivory nut, Replacement bone bridge saddle, Original red turtle-oid pickguard, Original bridge, Original and healthy bridgeplate, Replacement pin set. Neck reset and refret performed about 9-10 years ago. Repaired cracks include: Two back cracks on the bass side of the centerline near the tail, Two top cracks above the pickguard. B string pickguard crack, High E string position top crack from bridge to tail. Except for some pick wear below the pickguard, thumb wear on the centerline of the rear of the neck, and a little buckle rash on the back, the finish is pretty clean and bright. There are some string winder finish scrapes on the sides of the headstock. Like many 1948-49 Martin D-28s, this guitar has a very forceful presence and a complex voice up through the top notes. It is a versatile instrument with a lot of musical character in the treble range. With brown Cedar Creek hardshell case.