1942 Martin D-28

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This consignment 1942 Martin D-28 (82509) is one of only 96 examples made during the first year of WWII. This guitar remains in a fine state of preservation, though it was clearly used for years of performance. The voice is rich and even, responding quickly to a light pick attack. The medium grain width Adirondack spruce top is in good shape with no cracks and pick wear located mostly at the bottom of the pickguard. The Brazilian rosewood back and sides are of medium density, with a warm and musical tap tone. The original Waverly “yoda head” tuners retain most of their original bright metal surfaces and turn smoothly. The back of the neck shows some capo marks from its years as a performance guitar, and a strap button has been added to the treble side of the neck heel. The lighter weight ebony neck reinforcement give the neck a light comfortable feel and may add a bit of midrange warmth to the tone. The back is free of cracks and shows some stray belt buckle marks from stage use. The bass-side side has a very small circular gouge near the tail block. The 2″ treble-side hairline waist crack has been glued. The sides show small nicks and dings from stage and performance use. The pin set is original and healthy. The guitar is easy to play and performs well either as a solo instrument or in a group setting. A very nice example from a low production year for D-28s. With ca. 1930s Geib hardshell case.