1939 Martin D-45


This 1939 Martin D-45 (73128) was made in the summer of that year, making it one of the earliest made with the new modern 1 11/16″ nut width. One of my favorite features is the set of covered gold Grover G-111 tuners. There are no cracks or signs of wear on the top, so it is now a mystery why the top was refinished and the rest of the guitar was oversprayed ca. 1964 by Jon Lundberg. My best guess is that the professional jazz guitar performer and recording artist that owned it wanted to have an appearance that more closely matched his archtop guitars. OTHER REPAIRS performed by Jon Lundberg at the same time include: Slipped back neck reset, Replacement bridge, Replacement bridgeplate, Installation of 1/16″ of back binding at the neck heel, Two glued and cleated back cracks on the treble area near the tail, Small repaired area of the first fret hexagon inlay, Replacement of thinned third fret hexagon inlay. MOST RECENT REPAIRS: Dennis Berck performed a neck reset and refret, and replaced the older replacement bridgeplate with one of proper size and tucked into the X-braces.

The current consigning owner has had the guitar since 1967 and has taken excellent care of it. ┬áThe original Lifton hard case is in fine shape, but it does have a replacement handle. This guitar is being stored outside the shop for safety’s sake. Shown by appointment only.