1938 Gibson HG-OO conversion




This closet find example of a 1938 Gibson HG-OO (batch number DG-3728) is sparkling clean and has a loud, colorful voice. The conversion from Hawaiian setup to “Spanish” style was cleanly done. During this late 1930s time period, Gibson’s Hawaiian models had adjustable truss rods installed. The tuners are clean and turn very smoothly. The two repaired low-humidity storage cracks are located below the bridge, at the centerline and below the A string pin. There is some lacquer chipping at the widest part of the treble side lower bout, which likely came from being stored in an oversize chipboard case that was purchased during WWII. ┬áThe voice is rich and powerful. I have priced in the cost of a neck reset and can suggest the names of a few experienced guitar luthiers to perform the work. This guitar comes in a contemporary hardshell case.