1937 Martin OOO-28



This 1937 Martin OOO-28 (66654) is an especially fine example of this model from a very desirable year. The bridge is the only replaced part and it is very well made and installed. The original bridge had been reattached using small bolts through the bridge plate, so these holes were filled with small maple pieces as part of the bridge replacement. The neck reset and refret, possibly performed by TJ Thompson, has made the playability and tonal response optimal. Except for a light overspray in the area between the bridge and the soundhole, the finish is all original. The top has a small pickguard shrinkage crack  at the treble side waist and there is a small glued crack at the edge of the treble side lower bout. There are no cracks anywhere else on this guitar. The tuners, nut, pickguard, and pin set are all original and in fine condition. The finish on the back, sides, and neck has been lightly buffed for cleanup. There is a little pick wear under the strings from the centerline to the pickguard. Other light pick wear is found on the bass and treble sides of the upper bout. There are some capo dents on the back of the neck under the first 4 frets. The overall condition of the guitar is quite good.  The voice of this guitar is richly colorful and quite expressive. Luthier TJ Thompson, who owned this guitar for a brief time, pronounced it as an exceptionally fine example. With new Cedar Creek vintage style hardshell case.