1934 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe



This 1934 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage Deluxe (Batch 990) is one of the few originally scallop-voiced examples from that year. The conversion process was performed by Alan Perlman many years ago. It is nice to have this one back in the shop once again.

The conversion processes include: Neck reset, Installing frets to replace the binding fret markers, Narrowing of the nut width to 1 13/16″, Finish work to the back of the neck. There is evidence of an older very light overspray of the entire guitar. The original straight saddle slot was plug and recut for a compensated bridge saddle.

The original bridge plate pin holes are located near the rear edge of the plate, so the original grooved pins were replaced with un-grooved cream colored pins to keep the Bridge pin holes healthy. The original strip tuners turn very roughly, so a replacement Stewar-MacDonald set has been installed. The original strip tuners are in the case accessory pocket.

This guitar was originally made without a pickguard, which is characteristic for this Batch #990. There are no cracks on the guitar. There are a few small nicks, but the guitar shows few signs of play wear.

The voice is very free and harmonically rich. It is a rewarding guitar to play when strung with standard light gauge strings. A very satisfying instrument.

With period correct Geib jumbo case.