1934 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe




This 1934 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe is one of the few that was made originally with scalloped top brace voicing. This instrument is one of my two all-time favorite examples, both having come from the same batch number, 1010. The voice is is rich and full, with a lightness of response to light gauge strings that is very rare for the Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe model. This guitar was not used much and has some signs of handling, with some dings, dents, and small scratches. The two dryness cracks from long term storage are located  below the bridge and have been glued with hide glue. Alan Perlman performed the conversion procedures and was able to retain the original bridge. Part of the the original bridge plate broke away from the bridge pin holes, so Alan Perlman made and fit a new one in the same dimensions. A special feature of this one batch is the use of the engraved Waverly strip tuners. Most Stage de Luxe guitars from 1934 were fit with either plain rectangular plate strip tuners or the clipped plate G-98 tuners with cream buttons. The nut width is a comfortable 1 7/8″ now. This guitar comes with a heavy duty Ameritage case that had originally been used for a Santa Cruz version of this 12 fret jumbo shape. An exceptionally responsive first year Stage De Luxe with a beautiful playing voice.