1929 13 fret Gibson custom L flat top

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This 1929 custom 13 fret Gibson L-1, originally ordered for a “Walter White” is quite responsive and lively in voice. As with most Gibson flat top guitars from this era, the string length is a shorter 34 1/4″. The original owner’s name, “Walter White”, is embossed on both the truss rod cover and the finger rest. About 1934, the guitar went back to Gibson for repairs, including replacement of the banjo tuners with Waverly strip tuners and a new headstock screened script “Gibson logo”. TR Crandall performed a few well done repair procedures, including: Neck reset and refret, bridge plate replacement, bridge replacement, and crack repairs. This rare guitar is a joy to play and rewards with a rich voice in all ranges. A drop-in set of the new Waverly strip style tuners included in the case will make tuning a little easier. With arched-top hardshell case.