1927 Bacon & Day Silver Bell #3 Plectrum


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This 1927 Bacon & Day Silver Bell #3 Plectrum banjo (23472) Was on the the several instruments in the personal arsenal of recording instruments owned and played by celebrated jazz guitarist Barney Kessell. Obvious to those familiar with instruments made in the golden age of the late 1920s, this instrument features fine workmanship, the Silver Bell tone ring, gold plated metal parts, Oettinger tailpiece, carved neck heel, and genuine pearl buttons on the tuners. The neck is straight and true, never having been over-strung with guitar strings. The original calfskin he’d has been replaced with a a plastic one. The voice is forceful and even. I currently have it tuned with tenor banjo strings to compliment some playing in fifths that I have been enjoying. There is included a certificate of authenticity from Kessell’s widow. The hardshell case is a replacement Gibson style case from the 1950s or so.