1889-93 Martin 3-17 w/ coffin case


This sparkling little Martin guitar from 130 years ago has a complex voice and a wonderful responsiveness, thanks to Alan Perlman’s great restoration work that included a neck reset. These little guitars are braced with 3 fan braces and 1 angled tone bar. The string length is a short 23 7/8″, putting very little tension on the top.


Finish: The finish is all original, though worn in some places. There are some dents from music stands and other objects, along with some mild scratching. There is some finish damage from an old side crack repair and a little abrasion on the treble side lower bout.


Top: There is a glued crack extending from a music stand bump on the treble side of the soundhole near the waist. There are no other top repairs and the bracing is original and in pristine condition.


Sides: There is a 2″ long repaired crack on the treble side lower bout and a 2″ repaired crack ┬ánear the tail. There is a glued 13″ clean repaired crack on the bass side, along the top lining.


Back: There are two repaired cracks on each side on each lower bout wing. The bracing is original and pristine.


Neck: The peghead is in good condition, with a small repaired hole for attaching a neck cord. The neck is in original condition and has recently been reset, with frets dressed by Alan Perlman. The nut is original. The original Seidel tuners are in fine working order. The original handles (buttons) have been replaced on the B, D, and A tuners.


Bridge: The bridge is in fine original condition, except for a little shaving of the center section. It was reglued by Alan Perlman. The bridge pins are a mixed set of 3 original and 3 replacements.


This guitar is a fine example of the expert workmanship and tone production of these beautiful little instruments. Included is the original coffin case with intact label in the lid.