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1949 Martin D-28 before neck reset and refret (112610)

This consignment 1949 Martin D-28 (112610) is scheduled to go in for a neck reset and refret by Alan Perlman about March 30. If you would prefer to purchase and play it as-is, the retail price will be significantly less. The even grain Sitka spruce top is nice and healthy, with only the beginnings of […]

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Price: $9750

1945 Martin OOO-28 (90987)

This 1945 Martin OOO-28 (90987) has the desirable features of Adirondack spruce and steel T-bar neck reinforcement. The Brazilian rosewood back and sides are quite interesting and colorful in grain pattern and is of medium density with a very musical tap tone. The original Kluson flat plate tuners work well and turn freely. The pickguard […]

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Price: $22,500

1951 Martin OOO-28 (121667)

This 1951 Martin OOO-28 (121667) shows light signs of use and responds with a colorful, even voice. The Sitka spruce top has an even grain and has some finish scuffs and pick wear scattered over a broad area. The Brazilian rosewood back and sides are dense and dark in color, responding with a bell-like tap […]

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Price: On Hold

Collings D2H Brazilian Rosewood/ Adirondack (22555)

This Collings D2H (22555) appears in nearly new condition and features the wood upgrades of Brazilian Rosewood back and sides and Adirondack spruce top. The one finish ding is in the top on the treble side of the widest part of the lower bout, otherwise only fingernail drag on the pickguard is the only sign […]

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Price: To Be Determined

1927 Bacon & Day Silver Bell #3 Plectrum (23472)

This 1927 Bacon & Day Silver Bell #3 Plectrum banjo (23472) Was on the the several instruments in the personal arsenal of recording instruments owned and played by celebrated jazz guitarist Barney Kessell. Obvious to those familiar with instruments made in the golden age of the late 1920s, this instrument features fine workmanship, the Silver […]

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Price: $2250

1931 Gibson TG-1 (FN 40)

TEMPORARY PHOTO SET ____________________________________ This closet queen 1931 Gibson TG-1 (FON 40) is cleaner than your grandmother’s kitchen floor! This guitar features the enlarged body (14 3/8″ lower bout, 19 1/8″ body width) that premiered about 1930. This guitar shows hardly any signs of having been handled or played at all. Medium grain width Adirondack […]

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Price: $4950

1945 Martin OOO-21 (93211)

This 1945 Martin OOO-21 (93211) was one of only 137 made that year and it remains in very nice condition. The Sitka spruce top has darkened to a lovely deep amber color, with a medium grain width. The tap tone of the top is nicely open and richly resonant in the lower midrange. The crack-free […]

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Price: $9,950

1957 Gibson J-50 (U2593-2)

This fine sounding 1957 Gibson J-50 (Batch Number U2593-2) is about as close to mint condition as one could expect to find. The few repair procedures are: replaced tuner buttons, compensated bone bridge saddle, and removal of decal monogram letters from the top. The voice is surprisingly rich and full for having so little playing […]

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Price: $7500

1932 Martin OO-21 (52200)

This consignment 1932 Martin OO-21 (52200) is a beautifully presented example from the golden age of fingerstyle guitars. One of only 50 OO-21 guitars made in 1932, this is one of the cleanest that I have encountered from this year. The top, back, and sides are all free of any injuries or repairs. The bridgeplate […]

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Price: Sold

1930 Gibson L-1 (Batch Number 9756)

This consignment 1930 L-1 (Batch Number 9756) is a very lively example of the then new 14 3/4″ shape that defined the middle size Gibson models all through the 1930s. These guitars were at their very lightest during 1930 and they are celebrated for both the modern slim neck profile and extremely responsive voice. The […]

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Price: Sold