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1931 Gibson TG-1 (FN 40)

TEMPORARY PHOTO SET ____________________________________ This closet queen 1931 Gibson TG-1 (FON 40) is cleaner than your grandmother’s kitchen floor! This guitar features the enlarged body (14 3/8″ lower bout, 19 1/8″ body width) that premiered about 1930. This guitar shows hardly any signs of having been handled or played at all. Medium grain width Adirondack […]

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Price: $4950

Late 1928 Gibson TG-1 (small body form) (FON 9215)

TEMPORARY PHOTO SET ______________________________________________________ This great sounding very late 1928 Gibson TG-1 (FON 9215) was one of the last Gibson guitars of that year. The small body style (12 5/8″ lower bout, 17 1/8″ body length) gives a 15 fret body joint and a loud, bright, penetrating voice that is not unlike the banjo style […]

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Price: $2950

1945 Martin OOO-21 (93211)

This 1945 Martin OOO-21 (93211) was one of only 137 made that year and it remains in very nice condition. The Sitka spruce top has darkened to a lovely deep amber color, with a medium grain width. The tap tone of the top is nicely open and richly resonant in the lower midrange. The crack-free […]

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Price: $11,750

1948 D-28 (105204)

This early 1948 Martin D-28 (105204) was a big surprise in the responsiveness and huge voice that it delivers. The voice reminds me much more of a good mid-1947 tapered brace D-28 in the volume and presence. This guitar was used in dance bands and charity music performances by the original owner. As can be […]

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Price: $12,500

1957 Gibson J-50 (U2593-2)

This fine sounding 1957 Gibson J-50 (Batch Number U2593-2) is about as close to mint condition as one could expect to find. The few repair procedures are: replaced tuner buttons, compensated bone bridge saddle, and removal of decal monogram letters from the top. The voice is surprisingly rich and full for having so little playing […]

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Price: $7500

1943 Martin D-28 (83786)

This responsive refinished 1941 Martin D-28 (83786) is very useful for playing melodies and rhythm functions with light gauge stringing. Like many 1940s era D-28s, this guitar had been used with a DeArmond soundhole pickup and the output jack hole has been plugged before the older refinish. Repaired cracks include 7 on the treble side […]

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Price: $25,000

1932 Martin OO-21 (52200)

This consignment 1932 Martin OO-21 (52200) is a beautifully presented example from the golden age of fingerstyle guitars. One of only 50 OO-21 guitars made in 1932, this is one of the cleanest that I have encountered from this year. The top, back, and sides are all free of any injuries or repairs. The bridgeplate […]

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Price: Sold

1930 Gibson L-1 (Batch Number 9756)

This consignment 1930 L-1 (Batch Number 9756) is a very lively example of the then new 14 3/4″ shape that defined the middle size Gibson models all through the 1930s. These guitars were at their very lightest during 1930 and they are celebrated for both the modern slim neck profile and extremely responsive voice. The […]

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Price: Sold

2011 Custom Rockbridge Smeck (286/11)

This returning Custom Rockbridge Smeck (286/11) is one that I had built using my own woods back in 2011. The guitar remains in near mint condition and has developed a nice resonant voice through regular careful play. The basic design is a modified Radio Grande model using Adirondack spruce top and quilted Sapele (african mahogany) […]

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Price: On Hold

Early 1935 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe (No Batch Number)

This early 1935 Gibson Roy Smeck Stage De Luxe has no readable Batch Number, but the characteristic small sunburst pattern and 3 3/4″ soundhole diameter date it to the early part of the year. The consigning owner purchased this guitar in 1978 from Vintage Instruments of Philadephia and has played it ever since then. After […]

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Price: $8500