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1948 Martin Salvage OO-18 sn 105189 (105189)

This guitar served for 10 years as a booth prop and conversation piece at guitar shows. It is the infamous “Bad Boyfriend Martin #1” 1948 Martin OO-18 sn 105189. The story goes that the wronged girlfriend got her revenge with the cheating boyfriend by shootings it through the chip case with a shotgun loaded with […]

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Price: $1250

2009 “75th Anniversary” Ltd. Ed. D-18 (1331984)

This photo set was taken before I oiled the fingerboard and bridge, then installed a set of D’Addario medium gauge 80/20 strings. _____________________________________________________ This 2009 “75th Anniversary” limited edition 1934 style Martin D-18 remains in nearly unused condition, as does the original TKL vintage style case. Stiff Adirondack Spruce top with bold grain lines, Honduras […]

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Price: $3750

PREVIEW: 1953 Martin D-18 w/ Ad. top (“Bad Boyfriend”) (132930)

For 10 years a fixture at my guitar show exhibits, the 1953 Adirondack Spruce top D-18 (132930) that had been shot 3 times in its case will be for sale after a major restoration by Alan Perlman. This may take 2-3 months, but it will be well worth it. I may be able to take […]

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Price: Priceless

ca. 1889-93 Martin 3-17 w/ coffin case (nsn)

The sparkling little Martin from 130 years ago has a complex voice and a wonderful responsiveness, thanks to Alan Perlman’s great restoration work that included a neck reset. These little guitar are braced with 3 fan braces and 1 angled tone bar, using very light bracing dimensions. The string length is a short 23 7/8″, […]

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Price: $4500:"

1954 Martin D-18 (139453)

This clean 1954 Martin D-18 (139453) has an exceptionally powerful voice, reminding me of some of the big sounding tapered voiced D-18s from the 1945-46 time period. With hardshell case.

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Late 1953 Martin D-28 Ex-Buddy Cagle (134125)

This late 1953 Martin D-28 (134125) was purchased new by the original owner, Buddy Cagle, and used as a stage tool for his entire professional stage life. This guitar is one of only 675 D-28s made that year. In the late 1970s, Buddy Cagle stripped the finish, lightly refinished it himself, and then added the […]

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Price: SOLD

1940 Martin OOO-28 ()

This 1940 Martin OOO-28 has been in the same family for nearly its entire life. It now has a much more lively voice and a solid presence, since Alan Perlman reset the neck. More details when I return to California ia in a few days.  

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1941 Martin D-18 (77820)

This great sounding 1941 Martin D-18 (77280), having a complex midrange and treble that is  a hallmark quality of the best D-18s this year. -The tight grain Adirondack Spruce top generally has bold winter grain lines, giving this top a complex speaking voice in all ranges. The finish shows significant pick-fingernail wear above and below […]

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Price: $16,500

1945 Martin OOO-21 (92250)

This 1945 Martin OOO-21 (92250) dates from the first full year of the tapered brace voicing period, so it is especially responsive to a light touch and it rewards with a lush, rich voice. It is one of only 137 OOO-21 model guitars that Martin made in 1945. -TOP: The Adirondack Spruce top shows very […]

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Price: $7950

2003 Mandolin Brothers custom Braz-Ad D-41 (919344)

This 2003 custom Brazilian Rosewood, Adirondack Spruce D-41 (919344) was part of Mandolin Brothers’ series of special custom models and it remains in nearly new condition. The medium density Adirondack Spruce top is braced with forward shifted 1/4″ scalloped spruce bracing stock for a large and responsive voice. The back and sides are made of […]

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Price: $8500