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1950 Martin shadetop OO-18

Price: Sold

This 1950 Martin shade top OO-18 (116146) comes in with a good repair history and is a representative example of one of my favorite postwar years for Martin. This guitar plays well and responds with a splendidly colorful voice. The Sitka spruce top has narrow grain and cross-grain silking at the center and wider grain at the edges. The original Kluson octagonal tuners have some wear, but turn smoothly. The logo decal is entirely intact. The original ivory nut is uncracked and  in fine shape. The original bridge has only been shaved a little on the top and sports a replacement bone saddle. The fingerboard shows fingernail wear in the lower positions. The replacement solid pins have been fit well.

There are no back cracks. The single glued 2 1/2″ side crack is located at the widest part of the treble side lower bout. There is a pair of matched 1″ glued side cracks between the widest part of the lower bout and the tail. The B string pickguard crack has been glued. There is either a 1 1/2″ glued cram or surface gouge in the bass side of the lower bout at the bottom edge. The entire body has seen an older very light overspray. There are visible nicks, scratches, and pick wear scattered over the body.

This nice guitar has been used in the past with a vinyl strap and metal adjustment buckle that is responsible for many of the marks on the lower part of the top and the back. With mid 1950s hardshell case in fine condition.

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