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1948 Martin Salvage OO-18 sn 105189

Price: $1250

This guitar served for 10 years as a booth prop and conversation piece at guitar shows. It is the infamous “Bad Boyfriend Martin #1” 1948 Martin OO-18 sn 105189. The story goes that the wronged girlfriend got her revenge with the cheating boyfriend by shootings it through the chip case with a shotgun loaded with buckshot. To complete the revenge dish served hot, she opened up the case and stomped on the top. I have many of the top braces safely tucked into a plastic bag inside the guitar!

The neck and sides, including neck and tail blocks are all intact. A new top and back made by an amateur builder  would get this guitar back on the road to musical service. I have available a  set of the Kluson octagon plate tuners with the plastic buttons, as used on style 17 guitars from this period. Includes hardshell case.

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