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1946 Martin OOO-28

Price: Sold

This mid-1946 Martin OOO-28   is one of only 134 examples made that year, and one of about 70 or so that have the steel T-Bar neck reinforcement that I prefer. As with all 1946 OOO-28s, the top wood is Sitka Spruce. The beautiful brick-red Brazilian Rosewood back and sides and matching headstock overlay are straight grained. The finish of the original Waverly “arrowhead” tuners is bright clean. The original pick guard is a handsome dark red turtle-oid plastic.  The large sized pearl fingerboard dots are specific to mid-1946. The repair list is small: Neck reset and refret, Repaired 4″ back crack extending upward near the centerline from the tail area, and some light overspray. The light colored maple bridgeplate is likely a replacement. Replacement parts are: Nut, bridge saddle, and pin set. The voice is bold and colorful, as most of these catered voice instruments are. A very satisfying guitar to play. With hard case.

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