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1946 Martin OOO-18

Price: 4750

This fine sounding consignment 1946 Martin OOO-18 (97940) is one of the few made in the fall of 1946 with a 4-piece Adirondack spruce top. Other features specific to this period of build are the tapered voicing of the top braces, the large neck profile seen all through 1946 and the first half of 1947, and the dark turtle-oid pickguard. Not usually seen this late in 1946 are the Kluson flat plate tuners with small round bushings, These tuners and bushings are seen on the Martin dreadnoughts from winter of 1945 through about March of 1946. Other features are Brazilian rosewood bridge and fingerboard, Honduras Mahogany back and sides, Honduras mahogany neck, Brazilian rosewood headstock overlay, and Turtle-oid body bindings. The nut and saddle are replacement ivory and the pin set is an historically accurate replacement set. Dennis Berck performed the neck reset and refret and the resulting setup. There are no crack repairs to the top.

Repairs previous to Dennis’ work include the following list. The bass-side side crack repairs include: a small network of connected cracks at the widest part of the lower bout. The treble-side crack repairs include: A 5″ crack extending from the neck joint and an output jack plugging near the widest part of the lower bout. The one repaired back crack is a 4″ hairline near the widest part of the lower bout and close to the above mentioned small network of bass-side side cracks. The finish has a fair amount of fine crazing. The guitar is a joy to play, due to the responsive top and the great setup by Dennis Berck. I have a personal fondness for the larger full neck profile of these 1946 Martin instruments. A very nice example. With hardshell Martin case.


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