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1945 Martin OOO-21

Price: $7500

This 1945 Martin OOO-21 (92250) dates from the first full year of the tapered brace voicing period, so it is especially responsive to a light touch and it rewards with a lush, rich voice. It is one of only 137 OOO-21 model guitars that Martin made in 1945.

-TOP: The Adirondack Spruce top shows very nice grain character, with the wider grain joined at the center. There is pickwear around the fingerboard extension and various dings and scrapes from its performance use. The bridge is full height and has two small filled holes between the saddle and the bridge pins. The entire pin set are replacements. The widest area of the treble side lower shows a 1/4″ repaired cracks area.  Typical of most 1945 Martin guitars, there is no pickguard shrinkage cracking. The pick guard is original and remains in fine condition.

-BACK AND SIDES: The back and sides show no cracking or damage, but there is very light overspray that extends over to the bottom 1″ or so of the top at the tail end.

-NECK: The neck shows some capo dents. The recent neck reset by Alan Perlman retained the freshly milled original brass frets that Martin used in 1945. The fingerboard is in fine condition.The original tuners are in fine condition and work smoothly. The original nut is in fine condition.

This guitar has the medium profile neck that Martin used in mid-1945. The ebony neck reinforcement performs its job well with light gauge stringing. The voice has a rich and colorful character all over the fingerboard. This instrument is a joy to play. It comes with a contemporary hardshell case.

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