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1933 Martin OM-18 54576

Price: 14,500

This consignment 1933 Martin OM-18 (54576) has a very lively response and a musical midrange oriented voice. Of of 200 OM-18s made in 1933, this one remains in fine condition. The riveted Grover clipped plate tuners are in fine working order, though they appear to be a period-correct mixed set with a few different mounting screws and to unmatched bushings. The neck reinforcement is the original ebony bar. The replacement bridge was made by Alan Perlman and fitted with new pins as part of a neck reset and rehabilitation of the original bar frets. The original bridge had been shaved and bolted previously, so it was time to replace it. The bridgeplate and interior bracing are all original and in fine unaltered condition. The small bolt holes from an older bridge reattachment procedure are evident in the bridgeplate, far from any vital organs. There is a spot of finish abrasion on the treble side of the top, about 2″ from the lower bout edge.  There is a short flat brace added under the fingerboard extension between the fingerboard brace above the soundhole and the neck block. There are three short repaired hairline side cracks on the bass side, one 1 3/4″ long being near the widest part of the upper bout and two 1 3/4″ long each at the widest part of the lower bout. There are two repaired side cracks on the treble side, one 1 1/2″ long at the widest part of the lower bout and a 1″ hairline crack a little closer to the tail. There is a glued 2″ hairline on the back near the centerline, about the level of the waist. With an unexpected warmth and depth in the bass, this guitar responds more like an instrument made in 1932. It is a great sounding instrument, featuring a very musical richness in tone and easy response. Alan Perlman rarely comments on the tone or response of a guitar in for repair, but had high praise for this one. With contemporary hardshell case.


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