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1931 Martin OM-18

Price: $14,500

This great sounding late summer 1931 Martin OM-18 (48106) went to Martin back in 1938-40 for new and better 12:1 Grover G-98 tuners, a headstock decal, and a cleanup overspray to the finish. Martin did not maintain repair records for this period after 1935. The Adirondack spruce top bold, even grain lines that help to give the voice a wide variety of tone color and good presence. The medium density Honduras mahogany back and sides show a slight bit of ribbon figure, while the neck shows a little more curly figure and ribbon. The rear headstock C.F. Martin stamp is still crisp, in spite of the very light cleanup overspray to the neck.  As previously mentioned, the headstock decal and G-98 tuners are Martin work from the 1938-40 time period. The bar frets are in good health, with a recent light milling from Alan Perlman. Alan also reset the neck with a fingerboard extension wedge that provides for the same easy playing up to the end of the fingerboard.

The bridge was previously planed flat and had a cap that was reshaped to a Martin belly bridge shape. Alan Perlman refined the shape of the belly and bridge feet to a more authentic configuration. The top, bridgeplate, and top braces are free of cracks or repairs. Older replacement ivory nut. Replacement pin set. The middle of the back has a 4 1/2″ repaired crack  on the treble side, about 1″ from the center seam. The back center seam shows finish separation, but not a physical wood separation or crack. The bass-side side has 5 different repaired 2-3″ cracks. The treble-side side has 3 repaired 2″ cracks. The tail block suffered a now repaired endpin crack, about 2″ on each side of the center. Alan Perlman made a thin replacement maple strip cap for the inside of the tail block.

This guitar is pure joy to play, as it is very expressive and has a large voice, even when played lightly. A nice bonus is the clean original Harptone Bull’s Head hardshell case.

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