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1940 Martin D-18

Price: Sold

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This consignment very early 1940 D-18 (74186) is one of the nicer examples that I have personally held, and is one of only 377 D-18s made that year. All repair and set up work done by Sparky Kramer in consultation with the consigning owner. The gorgeous wide grain Adirondack spruce top has the narrower grain at the edges. The neck profile is a little more like those from fall of 1939, which is a little more full and comfortable to me than the necks typically made from most of 1940 through the end of 1942. The original Grover G-98 tuners are in excellent cosmetic and functional condition. REPAIRS include: Neck reset and refret, New bridge, Proper size and shape replacement bridgeplate (The original bridgeplate had an rosewood cap epoxied over it.), Two small repaired top cracks near the bass-side corner of the tail block, Glued and stable rupture type crack above the bass-side corner of the tail block, 2″ side crack near the treble side waist, Replacement pin set installed. The pick wear and small collection of dings on the top and body are minimal. The voice is fat and rich, with a nice and easy response. A very versatile prewar D-18 at a nice price. With recent hardshell case.

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