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Late 1953 Martin D-28 Ex-Buddy Cagle

Price: SOLD

This late 1953 Martin D-28 (134125) was purchased new by the original owner, Buddy Cagle, and used as a stage tool for his entire professional stage life. This guitar is one of only 675 D-28s made that year. In the late 1970s, Buddy Cagle stripped the finish, lightly refinished it himself, and then added the Gibson pickguard. He careful took off very little wood. The guitar still has a very strong and and resonant voice, as we would expect from a 1953 D-28. The Sitka spruce top has a warm golden-amber color. The bridge was replaced by Alan Perlman at the same time that he performed a neck reset and refret. The endpin is the original redeye type. The replacement bridge pins are the Stew-Mac ungrooved style with a black dot. There have been 3 types of neck heel area strap button attachments, the bracket type in the side near the bass-side neck heel, a standard modern type just outside to the bracket location, and finally the conventional strap button location on the treble side off the neck heel. The replacement tuning machines are the contemporary Kluson replicas with 15:1 gear ration. The original nut has hairline cracks, but functions beautifully. The replacement bridge saddle its made of bone and has been intonation compensated. The Martin style reddish pickguard and replacement headstock decal were added by my friend, Gene, who has owned this guitar for the last 6-7 years. The voice of this guitar is very strong and complex. The neck has a sure and solid feel to it. This instrument is a great tool for stage or jam session. With hardshell case.

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