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Late 1940 Martin D-18

Price: Sold


This consignment late 1940 Martin D-18 (76353) has a tone and feel that reminds me very much of some of my favorite D-18s from 1941. One of 377 D-18s made in 1940, this instrument has the stiff Adirondack spruce top, brass button Grover G-98 tuners, and steel T-bar neck reinforcement that help make most D-18s from this era very forceful, powerful examples of Bluegrass rhythm and lead instruments. The stiff Adirondack spruce top has bold grain lines and areas of very closely spaced grain lines in the bridge area and at the lower bout edges. The relatively dense Honduras mahogany back has a strong, ringing tap tone. The original Grover G-98 tuner have seen a lot of use, but still turn smoothly. There is a  fair amount of finish wear in the lower frets areas of the back of the neck and some shallow capo indentations. A strap button has been added to the treble side heel of the neck. The top has a 1″ repaired crack at the bass-side upper bout corner, possibly from a shallow case bite. Pick wear on the treble side of the fingerboard extension has had a small area of lacquer lightly applied to protect that area from more fingernail wear. The bridge has had a nice replacement installed, retaining the original pin set. The bass-side 1″ crack and 4″ hairline waist cracks have been glued. The treble-side short compound waist crack and two 2″ and 3″ cracks near the tail have been glued. The 3″ back crack on the treble side lower bout treble has been glued.  The setup is for medium string height, ideal for combination bluegrass guitar playing in a band or jam session setting. This D-18s has a very powerful voice all over the fingerboard. With 1960s hardshell case.

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