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Early 1951 Martin D-18

Price: On Hold

This consignment early 1951 Martin D-18 (117964) was only the third Martin guitar made for that year! This returning instrument is strong and colorful in its response and just feels good to hold and play. I tend to think of it as an honorary 1950 Dreadnought, which is one of my favorite postwar years. Sitka spruce top with bold grain lines, Mahogany sides, back, and neck, Original Kluson Deluxe tuners, Original ivory nut, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, Dark turtle-oid pickguard, Brazilian rosewood bridge with replacement pins and bridge saddle, Added strap button in treble side neck heel. OLDER REPAIRS: Reglue bridge, refret, Glued 3″ bass-side crack near side of butt, Filled strap button hole in top center rear of headstock with furniture restoration wax. REPAIRS BY ALAN PERLMAN: Neck reset and refret with new bridge saddle, Reglue loose pickguard, Glue pickguard crack on B-string side, Install new pin set. A strong and solid early 1950s D-18 with a very versatile voice. With TKL hardshell case with Collings badge.

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