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1955 Martin D-28

Price: $10,500

This lovely consignment 1955 Martin D-28 (144545) remains in marvelous original condition and the list of repairs is quite short. One of 806 D-28s made in 1955, the quality and care displayed in Martin guitars from the 1950s remained undiminished, even though the postwar boom in instrument ownership kept Martin quite busy. The  fine grain Sitka spruce top displays a lot of cross-grain silking figure, an indicator of perfectly quartersawn grain orientation. The brick red Brazilian rosewood is quite dense, is perfectly quartersawn, and has a bright and complex tap tone. The nickel finish of the original Kluson tuners is clean and bright. The export stamp on the rear of the headstock usually indicates a Canadian destination for the original retailer. The nut, bridge saddle, and bridge pins are all replacement.

The finish is lightly crazed all over, due to the very cold Canadian winters. An older neck reset and reset was cleanly and professionally performed. The bridge was cleanly reglued along the way. The pearl 15th fret fingerboard dot was replaced during this procedure and very light file marks remain from leveling this dot.  There is one glued 3″ crack on then bass side of the upper bout, about halfway between the soundhole and the top edge. A single case bite is near the repaired top cracl. The pickguard shrinkage has produced the start of a B string pickguard crack. The finish is extremely clean and free of pick marks or play wear.

The voice of this guitar is complex, powerful, and incisive in group settings. An extremely clean example that must have been played just enough to develope the voice to this degree. The original Lifton case was supplied by the retailer and it also remains in very clean original condition. Very nice!

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