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1950 Martin D-18 114189

Price: Sold

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This wonderful 1950 D-18 (114189) comes back to the shop on consignment now that the owner has goneon  to prefer OO size guitars. Typical of 1950 Martin dreadnoughts, this guitar has a nice med-full neck profile, a very solid and musical voice with a lot of harmonic detail, and the usual high position on the headstock for the C.F. Martin decal. Nicely quartered creamy amber Sitka spruce top, Honduras Mahogany back, sides, and neck, Brazilian rosewood headstock overlay with intact “C.F. Martin” decal, Original Kluson octagonal plate tuners, Original ivory nut with shim, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard with pearl dots, Replacement Brazilian rosewood bridge with more steeply angled saddle for better tuning compensation, Replacement pin set, Original dark red-brown pickguard, Strap button added to treble side of the neck and at the endpin into an output jack plug. OLDER REPAIRS include: Plugged strap button hole in bass-side side over neck block, Glued top crack from B string to tail, Glued bass-side side crack in waist, Glued short treble-side side impact cracks at widest part of lower bout, Three short glued back cracks on the bass said of the waist area, Replacement bridge. RECENT REPAIRS byAlan Perlman: Neck reset and refret, New bridge saddle, and shimming of the original nut. There is moderate finish wear under the arm placement at the lower bout and pick wear in all of the usual places: below the pickguard, on the bass side of the E string between bridge and soundhole, and on either side of the fingerboard extension. Other finish dings and nicks scattered on the rest of the guitar. This instrument is a powerhouse bluegrass or flatpicking instrument when strung with medium gauge strings. The voice is complex and very even from string to string. A standout 1950s D-18. With hard case.

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