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1949 Martin D-28 before neck reset and refret

Price: $9750

This consignment 1949 Martin D-28 (112610) is scheduled to go in for a neck reset and refret by Alan Perlman about March 30. If you would prefer to purchase and play it as-is, the retail price will be significantly less. The even grain Sitka spruce top is nice and healthy, with only the beginnings of a B string pickguard crack. The back and sides are of medium density with a nice tap tone. The single small 1″ back crack appears at treble side of the butt end. The neck capo and coffee table wear on the rear and string winder lacquer chipping on the bass side of the headstock. The original Kluson Deluxe tuners are healthy and turn freely. The nut has been shimmed slightly from a previous refret. The bridge and pickgaurd are all healthy. The pins have been replaced with ebony in the bridge and a modern replacement at the tail. This guitar has a strong and even voice now, that should get noticeable stronger with the neck reset and refret. The one obvious finish concern is the repair type cleanup overspray over the entire instrument. The replacement case is likely from the early 1970s.

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