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1946 Martin D-18

Price: Sold

This well presented consignment 1946 Martin D-18 (96240) has a lot of power to cut through in a group context, yet still retains a musical vintage warmth in the midrange and bass. The medium grain Sitka spruce top is free of cracks, but shows some dings, pick wear, and light fingernail dragging. The ebony bridge is a well made replacement with a replacement pin set. The back and sides show nicks and small dings from playing. There is a bit of buffing on the side nearest the bass-side neck heel from cleaning up scotch tape where the set lists used to go. The back of the neck shows only light scratches and no real lacquer wear, just light capo scars at the fingerboard on frets 2-4. A strap button has been installed in the treble side neck heel. The metal surfaces of the original Waverly tuners are clean and bright. The original ivory nut has a small wood shim at the base, likely from the conservative neck reset and refret procedure. All in all a strong voiced guitar from the postwar tapered top brace voicing period that has been played enough to develope a very pleasing tone. With 1960s era hard case.

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