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1943 Martin D-18

Price: Sold


This consignment 1943 Martin D-18 (85241) comes to the shop speaking with a very powerful voice and having had a few repairs that keeps the price very reasonable. One of only 425 D-18s made by Martin in 1943. Repairs are: Replacement Waverly tuners, Replacement fingerboard with snail shell dots, Replacement bridge and bridge pins, Two repaired top cracks near center seam below the bridge. A very fine bluegrass instrument or rhythm guitar in a group that needs a strong, sure voice. The feel is very solid in the left hand. Very typical strong and even voice found on a great many 1943 Martin D-18s. The original hardshell case has broken hinges, which could be repaired by a case expert. We have a number of new cases available here in the shop.

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