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1927 National 2 1/2 round neck Tricone

Price: Sold


This consignment 1927 National Tricone (0118) is from the very first batch made with round necks. These pre-factory instruments featured flat backs and sound hole strips soldered together, rather than 1 single stamped piece. The replacement Quarterman cones produce a large full voice, and the original cones are in a separate box. This guitar was played quite a bit during its long life and there are some dings and dents to go along with some metal pick wear on the cover plate. REPAIRS include: Neck Overspray, Carbon fiber neck rod, refret, and new nut. The guitar is set up well and plays easily. The setup and authentication were done by the late Don Young many years ago. With ca. 1970s hardshell Harptone case.

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