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1962 Gibson ES-335

Price: $16,000

IMG_7367IMG_7368IMG_7369IMG_7370IMG_7371IMG_7372IMG_7373IMG_7374IMG_7375IMG_7376IMG_6666 IMG_6667This magnificent sounding consignment cherry red 1962 Gibson ES-335 plays very well and shows a few finish flaws from having lived in a humid environment. The keystone buttons on two of the original Kluson Deluxe tuners (high E and B strings) have deteriorated, so a drop-in replacement set is installed for daily use. The top finish is crackled in the arm wear area and the back shows a few of the same kind of spots where the guitar was held up against the shirt, likely in a funky, sweaty bar in the south. The original PAF pickups are intact and unmolested. The original Ess & Ess case gold interior is in fine shape. Connect with your inner Eric Clapton playing the 1968 Cream farewell tour. An exceptionally nice playing example.

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