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1951 Gibson Southerner Jumbo

Price: Sold

This beast of a 1951 Gibson Southerner Jumbo (Batch number 9734 14) led a full musical life as a fiddle tune backup guitar. It has a very strong and complex voice. A recent neck reset and refret by ace guitar luthier Alan Perlman has put the instrument back into “as new” playing condition, without overdoing the neck angle. The voice is free and colorful, with a very wide dynamic range. The back received a local finish repair at the widest part of the lower bout on the treble side, the part that would be resting against a metal belt buckle with a longhorn steer in the center of it. Before getting a metal strap button in the contemporary position on the treble side of the neck heel, the original strap was tied around the headstock, resulting in the classic pick wear scrubbing of the top on the treble side of the fingerboard extension and significant wear on the treble side edge of the soundhole. The tuner buttons have been replaced, as the originals had turned into crumbled plastic dust. The tuners, bridge, bridge pins, and pickguard are all original to this guitar. The guitar used to have a pickup, so the 1/4″ output jack hole at the endpin has been plugged with the black plastic endpin version of the Stewart MacDonald endpin plug. This guitar will bring musical satisfaction in a variety of settings, whether played lightly or with great vigor. A real find by my pal Paul! With ca. 1970s Harptone style hardshell case.

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