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1930 Gibson L-1

Price: Sold

This consignment 1930 L-1 (Batch Number 9756) is a very lively example of the then new 14 3/4″ shape that defined the middle size Gibson models all through the 1930s. These guitars were at their very lightest during 1930 and they are celebrated for both the modern slim neck profile and extremely responsive voice. The thin Adirondack spruce top has the small triangular shaped braces that keep the voice nimble and very expressive. The Honduras mahogany back and sides are also light and have small triangular braces. The slim Honduras mahogany neck has the original Waverly strip tuners and the straight oriented script logo. The nut and saddle have been replaced with bone. The thin banjo style fingerboard keeps with the very light build. The Brazilian rosewood bridge has the original pins, though the endpin has been changed. This guitar has a crack-free top and sides. The back has three glued cracks. The loose X-brace was glued and reinforced with a small adjacent brace. There were 3 back braces that were reglued. The current neck reset plays well, but the guitar has been priced with the cost in mind of another future refining neck reset with fingerboard extension wedge to make the playability perfect from top to bottom. A really nice sounding and versatile instrument. With the original chipboard case that has sprung hinges.

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