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Early 1941 Martin D-18

Price: $23,500

This very early 1941 Martin D-18 (76975) is one of the first 250 guitars built that year, and one of only 575 D-18s built in 1941. The voice is closer to what I would expect from D-18s built in 1940, very bold and midrange-rich, supported by a strong bass. Top top spruce grain is tighter, with bolder grain lines at the center. Outside of the footprint of the bridge, the grain width is a little wider and the winter grain lines a little more diffuse. Players used to the bright, almost hard tone of a typical 1941 D-18 may be pleasantly surprised at the blend of tone in this instrument. Aside from the typical repaired B string pick guard crack, there is a single repaired dryness hairline crack from the bridge to tail, about at the area under the A string. There is not much pick or fingernail wear at all on the top. The original shaved bridge was replaced with an accurate replica. The pin set are replacements. On the treble side there is one 3″ repaired hairline crack between the waist and widest part of the lower bout and a short impact crack at the end of the tail block. On the bass side there is a single repaired 1″ crack at the widest part of the lower bout. There is some lacquer wear at the widest part of the lower bout on the bass side from arm wear.. There are no back cracks and there appears to be an older very light cleanup overspray on the entire back. Typical lacquer wear on the back shows no rough treatment. The neck and headstock are remarkably free from wear. There never was a neck heel strap button installed. For several decades the guitar sported a set of Schaller tuners. Recently a set of Waverly G-98 style tuners with round buttons were fit, using the oversize hex bushings. The round metal buttons accurately mimic the round metal buttons found on the original Waverly “Yoda head” tuners. The voice of this D-18 is very large and full-bodied. It is a very satisfying instrument to play! With blue Martin thermoplastic hard case.

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