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1946 Martin D-28

Price: $19,500

From spring of 1946, this extra resonant and responsive consignment D-28 (95062) is one of only 425 made that year. The combination of lively medium density Brazilian rosewood back and sides, a beautifully quartered Sitka Spruce top, Steel T-bar reinforcement in a full profile neck, and the radically tapered top braces all combine to make a rich toned and full voiced herringbone D-28. The back has an especially resonant tap tone. As is common with the Sitka spruce tops from the mid 1940s, this one has a gorgeous red-brown color and medium grain lines in the center, fine grain lines in the outer edges. The full round neck profile reminds me a little of the 1930s wide neck profile necks. The original Waverly tuners are in fine condition and turn easily. Original ivory nut with a thin shim underneath after the neck reset and refret. The replacement ebony bridge shows a little of the “smokey” color of much of the Martin ebony used in the 1945-48 period. Original pin set and pickguard. Replacement bone bridge saddle.

This guitar came from the Southwest and suffered a little from low humidity conditions out there. The glued hairline dryness cracks in the top are book matched, with 4 in the upper bout and two on each side of the centerline in the lower bout. The small B string pickguard crack has also been glued. The neck reset and refret put the neck angle where it should be for many decades to come. There is some pick wear on the treble side of the fingerboard, the treble side of the soundhole, and just below the pickguard. Otherwise this instrument is very clean, the only modification being the addition of a strap button on the treble side of the neck heel.

I love the feel of this guitar and the responsiveness of the top to my flat pick. It is very nice to be able to enjoy this D-28 once again after an absence of 4 years. With alligator pattern Cedar Creek case that has a wine red interior.

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