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1945 Martin OOO-28

Price: Sold

IMG_1550 IMG_1551 IMG_1552 IMG_1553 IMG_1554 IMG_1555 IMG_1556 IMG_1557 IMG_1558 IMG_1559 IMG_1560 IMG_1561 IMG_1562 IMG_1563 IMG_1564 IMG_1565 IMG_1566This great sounding consignment 1945 Martin OOO-28 (90987) combines my favorite features that were available during that year, an Adirondack spruce top and the steel T-bar neck reinforcement. The Brazilian rosewood is colorful and well-figured, matching the back of a recently sold 1945 D-28 that passed through the shop. The quality of the fine grain Adirondack spruce top is more similar to what we might expect to find on 1930s era OOO-28s than in this last year of regular use for 28 style guitars. Showing light general pick wear, the only top crack is the outside pickguard crack near the waist. The back has a single glued 5″ hairline crack located on the bass-side area near the tail. The guitar has gotten the requisite neck reset and refret along with a new bone bridge saddle. The pick marks and handling wear are minor, with no real signs of abuse. The original wartime style flat plate Kluson tuners work quite well, as the gears from this time period are larger and more precisely made than those from 1943 and early 1944. The one odd feature is why looks like a small drop-fill type plastic repair of the pickguard . The voice is both powerful and quite colorful. This guitar is nothing short of spectacular in sound and response, a rare find in this condition. With hard case.

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