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1945 Martin D-28

Price: $40,000

This magnificent sounding consignment 1945 Martin D-28 (95083) has the same favored specifications of Adirondack spruce top and steel T-bar neck reinforcement that my all-time favorite personal postwar D-28 had, only few serial numbers away from this one. The stiff narrow grain Adirondack spruce top and radically tapered top brace voicing give this guitar a barking roar that may remind some of the great tone that Jimmy Martin got from his 1945 D-28. There is light pick wear above and below the pickguard, some top dings, and fine lacquer crazing on this crack-free top. The ebony bridge is a replacement that uses the original bridge pins. The gorgeous Brazilian rosewood sides have acquired some light nicks, dings, and scratches, but no cracks. The endpin appears to be a fossilized ivory replacement. The gorgeous dense Brazilian rosewood back shows some of the landscaping figure of D-28s made in 1944. There are some scratches and light dings and a few glued back cracks including: 4″ crack on the treble-side lower bout, A 5″ hairline crack near the tail on the treble side of the center strip, and two glued hairlines at the very bass-side edge of the lower bout. The neck has some light scratches on the back of the playing area and an area of light abrasion under the 9th fret from a previous case’s neck cradle. A strap button has been installed on the treble side of the neck heel. The metal finish of the original Kluson tuners is bright and clean and they include the very small round bushings that appear in December 1945 through early 1946. The headstock decal is clean and unscratched (Don’t clamp a capo up there!). The original ivory nut has a wooden shim at the base as part of the neck reset and refret. The ebony fingerboard shows a little of the smokey grey color that we often see in 1945-47 fingerboards. The original pickguard shows almost no cupping, but there is the start of a B string pickguard crack. This 1945 D-28 is a great sounding example and is very satisfying to play in a group. With 1960s vintage style hardshell case.

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