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1944 Martin D-28

Price: $65,000

The consignment early 1944 Martin D-28 (87595) has been very well cared for, though there is some evidence that it was intended for use by a stage performer. This guitar is one of only 219 scallop-voiced D-28s made by Martin in 1944. The finish is bright and clean over he entire instrument, with just a few blemishes, small dings, and light play wear. The colorful Brazilian rosewood set used for the back and sides is of medium density and has a richly musical tap tone. The medium grain width Adirondack spruce top is moderately stiff and has an expressively colorful tonal response all over the fingerboard.

The back of the neck has a single “table corner” ding under the 7th fret, which has had a localized lacquer repair. There is another slight table rest ding under the 12th fret. There is a filled and spot lacquered strap button attachment hole on the bass-side area of the neck heel, a standard position for a Nashville style eyebolt for use with a dog leash style metal snap strap attachment. The wartime era neck reinforcement is an ebony strip, which keeps the neck weight light and imparts a warm quality to the voice. The original Kluson tuners show little wear and the finish surfaces are bright and clean. The headstock decal is entirely intact and unmarked. There are some string winder marks on the side of the headstock. The nut is a well made bone replacement. The fingerboard is a professionally made replacement that is slightly thicker than an original.

The top shows minor pick wear at the first string soundhole edge and by the fingerboard near the first string. There is slight damage around the bridge from a reglue of the original bridge, including a 1/8″ X 3/16″ reglued chip of top near the bass-side bridge foot. There is a finish scrape just above the tail block, about in line with the high E string pin. The internal bracing is pristine and the original bridgeplate shows nearly no wear from string changes. The finish of the body has been lightly buffed all over. The one small lacquer chip is near the old neck heel strap button attachment, on the bass-side side.

The guitar has been played enough to start the development of the strong voice, with more depth and richness to be played into it by the next owner. It is a particularly fine example of a wartime Martin D-28 made during the last year of scalloped brace voicing. The original case is in fine shape and I replaced the decrepit original handle with a similar one that is in much better shape.

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