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1941 Martin D-28 782XX

Price: $75,000

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This consignment 1941 Martin D-28 (782XX) is an especially fine sounding example and remains great condition. One of only 183 D-28s made in 1941, this guitar has complex tone on all strings and the great penetrating volume that I have come to expect from Martin dreadnoughts made in this year. Martin really found its mark in 1941 with a consistency of this characteristic response found in the high quality stiff Adirondack spruce tops that usually have bold grain lines, which is much of the skeletal structure of the top, and even grain width. The series of prewar feature D-28s made with narrow width necks, steel T-bar neck reinforcements, and usually Grover tuners, lasted only from mid-1939 through early 1942, about 400 instruments in all. An interesting feature of this guitar is the use of the rare and beautiful Grover G-111 closed back tuners and they remain in fine working order crisply clean nickel plated surfaces. The  brick-red Brazilian rosewood back and sides are quartered figure with very even and consistent grain pattern. The feel of this guitar is solid and sure and the neck profile is very comfortable.


This guitar survives nearly completely intact as it was made, with only a previous neck reset and refret, a probable loose bridge reglue, a probable bridge saddle replacement, and a possible endpin replacement. The only crack repairs are two nearly identical matching fine hairline cracks just on either side of the centerline below the bridge from dry storage. The Harptone case with plush lining has done its job well, but has suffered some wear on the back bottom edge in the neck area.


This D-28 requires a neck reset and refret for easy playability. The new owner may have their own favorite luthier for a personal choice in this procedure. The independent west coast vintage guitar luthiers that I can endorse are David Eichelbaum of Ojai, California, Alan Perlman of San Francisco, California, and Dennis Berck of Eugene, Oregon. I am familiar with the handful other finest vintage Martin guitar luthiers in the United States and will be happy to help you to decide on the appropriate resource for you.

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