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1940 Martin D-28

Price: $65,000

Fresh from a neck reset and refret, this one-owner consignment 1940 Martin D-28 (76035) is lively and in clean condition. This D-28 is one of only 134 made in 1940 and was made late in the year, nearly into 1941. Having been stored in the family home for 25-30 years, the finished surfaces and metal plating of the Grover G-111 tuner parts are bright and clean. There is light pick wear and other scant signs of use. The quarter sawn brick-red Brazilian Rosewood back and sides are nice and dense, with a bright and ringing tap tone. The medium grain width Adirondack spruce top is lively in response and rich in voice. Longterm storage in the midwestern family home caused 4 hairline top cracks from the dry winters, which have been glued with hide glue. This prewar neck still has the steel T-bar type of neck reinforcement.

The original bridge had been slightly shaved before the guitar received a recent neck reset and refret by Alan Perlman. The original bridgeplate has picked up very little wear from restringing. A strap button was added by the owner by installing it into the bass-side side near the neck block. A small mahogany support block has been added by Alan Perlman to prevent cracking in the side.

The guitar is very lively, in spite of having been stored for several decades. A very nice example of a prewar herringbone D-28 from the slim neck period of 1939-41. With hardshell case.

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