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1940 Martin D-28

Price: $87,500

This wonderful sounding consignment 1940 Martin D-28 (74244) is very clean and original, except for a patch of belt buckle rash in the middle of the back. Built very early in the year, this D-28 is one of only 134 that Martin made in 1940. The medium-fine grain Adirondack spruce top is free from any injuries, exhibiting only a few dings, a little sanding at the treble edge of the fingerboard extension from the neck reset and refret, and the beginnings of a B string pickguard crack. The medium density Brazilian rosewood sides are very straight grained and en elegant shade of medium brown, showing just a few scratches and dings from play. The crack-free medium brown straight grained Brazilian rosewood back has a nice musical tap tone and shows more scratches and dings from play along with a sizable patch of buckle rash in the center. The back of the neck shows just a few capo and “resting against a table” marks, along with a large bald spot from the thumb from playing open position D chords often and with conviction. The rear of the headstock shows an extra screw hole at the bottom of the A tuner position. The original Grover G-111 tuners are somewhat worn, but turn smoothly in tuning up to a note.  The headstock decal is almost entirely intact, so keep the capos off of the top of the headstock, please! The ivory nut is healthy with no cracks or fissures. The fingerboard got a new set of frets during the neck reset and this guitar is ready to play again for many years. The original pickgurd shows a little wear at the bottom where it got a little thin from use. The pins are all original. The bridge is likely original, but has gotten a little rounded from sandpaper. I see evidence of an older very light, thin layer of amalgamation overspray (mostly lacquer thinner), which used to temporarily soften and smooth over the top surface layer of lacquer, on the top and back of the neck of the guitar. All in all, this guitar is in marvelous shape. The voice is very large and rich in the midrange. It is very satisfying to play. With a brown Geib case that is most likely original to this guitar.

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