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1940 Martin D-28

Price: $70,000

One of only 134 Martin D-28s made in 1940 (76035), this consignment guitar was made late in the year and it is a one-family, indeed a one-player, instrument that comes to the shop in extremely clean condition. Having been stored for 25-30 years in the midwestern family home, the lacquer finished surfaces and plated metal surfaces n the covered Grover G-111 tuners are bright and clean. There are some small pick wear hits near the pickguard and a localized scratch  on the back in the center strip up near the neck. There are two slight modifications: 1) The bridge has been slightly shaved in the saddle area and 2) Installation of a strap button into the side near the neck heel. The brick red Brazilian rosewood back and sides are perfectly quarter sawn, as we would expect in a guitar from this era. Due to the long term storage in the midwest, the top developed 4 short hairline dryness cracks. After humidification for a week, they were closed with hide glue by Alan Perlman. All parts are original except for the replaced endpin.


The voice is very complex and colorful in all ranges. Though little used, this guitar needs a neck reset and refret for easy modern playing styles. I will let the new owner decide which luthier to use. My favorite northern California luthier is Alan Perlman, who had a lot of experience performing neck resets and regrets on vintage Martin guitars in this condition.The bridgeplate is very clean and has suffered very little wear from restringing. This is a rare opportunity to own a near mint condition one-owner Martin herringbone D-28 with little repair work or changes at a very good price. With the original hardshell case.

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