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1937 Martin D-28

Price: Sold

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This consignment 1937 Martin D-28 (667xx) is an outstanding example in both condition and sound. One of only 148 D-28s made in 1937, this guitar represents what many have believed is Martin’s finest year for prewar dreadnoughts. As their recently developed 14 fret dreadnought models were refined and made with a more consistently powerful and colorful voice in all ranges, 1937 was the year that reliably hit the balance point of making these attributes function as a whole. The materials in this guitar, a high quality Adirondack spruce top that is consistent across its entire width and a quarter sawn brick-red Brazilian rosewood back and side set that is also consistent from edge to edge are strong indications of how Martin was choosing to make this largest size a newly prominent part of the lineup. The original 6:1 Grover G-98 tuners were replaced with Kluson Deluxe tuners for a while, but the consigning owner has found a good functional period correct set and had them installed, as you see here. The original bridge has been shaved down some and could either be replaced with a high quality professionally new bridge or used with a higher saddle after the neck has been reset. The bridge pins have been replaced with a solid ungrooved set. The endpin is original to this guitar. The one odd repair procedure performed on this guitar has been the addition of 2 frets slots each, positioned just sharp of the conventional fret slot position, located at frets 3, 5, and 7. These extra fret slots have been filled with black epoxy and are no longer noticeable without pointing them out. The only cracks on the guitar are a series of small, short pickguard shrinkage cracks on the outside edge of the pickguard area. The original bridgeplate is in fine condition. Tonally, this guitar rewards with colorful and developed voice that will only be stronger once the neck reset and refret are performed. The case is a recent archtop TKL model.


The option to choose which repair person will perform the neck reset and refret, along with a possible bridge replacement, will give the new owner a choice in how to proceed and to possibly have a more locally located national level luthier perform the work. If the new owner does not have a clear favorite at this point, I can strongly endorse the independent luthiers here on the west coast, David Eichelbaum in Ojai, CA, Alan Perlman in San Francisco, CA, and Dennis Berck in Eugene, OR. I am also well acquainted with the handful of other top level independent professional vintage guitar luthiers in the United States and can help the owner to get acquainted with these experienced resources.

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