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1935 Martin D-18 61731

Price: Sold

IMG_1004 IMG_1005 IMG_1006 IMG_1007 IMG_1008 IMG_1009 IMG_1010 IMG_1011 IMG_1012 IMG_1013 IMG_1014 IMG_1015 IMG_1016 IMG_1017IMG_1018IMG_1019IMG_1020IMG_1021IMG_1022IMG_1023IMG_1024IMG_1025IMG_1026IMG_1027IMG_1028IMG_1029This spectacular sounding 1935 Martin D-18 (61731) is one of my favorite D-18s that I have ever played because it is very colorful, tonally balanced, and has a tremendously wide dynamic range. It only comes back to the shop on consignment because the owner is having shoulder trouble and can not comfortably play guitars larger than OOO size now.  This guitar underwent a complete restoration in the mid 1970s, before I bought it in June of 1979. It had gotten 6 top crack repairs (including 2 splints) and 6 side crack repairs, a  sawn fingerboard neck reset, a small triangular patch at the endpin, and a complete thinly applied lacquer refinish then. Since then it has received a fingerboard replacement, new bridge with drop-in saddle slot, a thin, small helper plate for the worn original bridgeplate, a post-1939 style flat brace between the neck block and fingerboard extgension brace, a recent Martin decal, new unspotted bridge pins, and a set of Grover G-93 tuners, probably from 1936. The guitar plays like a dream these days. I would have a taller bridge saddle made for heavier bluegrass playing to go along with the current medium-low bridge saddle and probably keep the old tuners in the case pocket and install some new drop-in Waverly G-98 style tuners. I am thrilled to have it back for a short while on consignment. With TKL hard case.

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