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1932 Martin OO-21

Price: Sold

This consignment 1932 Martin OO-21 (52200) is a beautifully presented example from the golden age of fingerstyle guitars. One of only 50 OO-21 guitars made in 1932, this is one of the cleanest that I have encountered from this year. The top, back, and sides are all free of any injuries or repairs. The bridgeplate shows only the slightest wear and the braces are pristine. The neck has no injuries or repairs, though there is some slight chipping at the edges. The tuners show some slight wear, but turn smoothly. Other than the neck reset and the shimming and recrowning of the frets by Alan Perlman, there has not been any significant work done to the guitar. The bridge has been slightly sanded on the top. A cleaning of the body was done lightly with very fine steel wool years ago, leaving the surfaces with a slightly frosty look. This instrument plays beautiful and reward the slightest effort with a rich and complex voice all over the fingerboard. A wonderful example. With the original felt lined hardshell case.

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